MACCCCS - Musky And Crappie Coho Catfish Carp Smallmouth
MACCCCS - Musky And Crappie Coho Catfish Carp Smallmouth


Read what others are saying:

"Here is an Eagle River 40 inch muskie caught this week. Again, we used the net holster."


"I love my net holster, especially when I am fishing by myself, which I do quite often. I am able to put the net in the holster with the fish while I work on removing hooks, getting the measuring stick ready, camera ready, etc. It is well worth the money spent. Every serious muskie fisherman, especially those who fish alone frequently, should seriously consider making the small investment and purchasing a net holster."


"Used it this past Sunday night and it was simply...awesome!!! Also had it up to 48....with the net there like no big deal!"

"I met your crew at the Eagle River musky tournament. I have added the net holder I purchased and I think you have a winner. Best regards."

"After seeing you at the Milwaukee Musky Show, and seemingly tripping over my net more often than not this summer, I figured it was time for me to contact you."

"The net holster worked well for us. It was nice to have the net out of the way and to use it after we caught a fish to hold the net and have more than one person help with the fish. Worked very well for my son and I."

"Just wanted to congratulate you on a great product. I just installed on my Yarcraft. Took only 10 minutes. I'm very impressed w the quality for a really decent price. If you fish musky and have a jumbo net this holder is a must."

I have had my net holster for a couple of years now and love it! - Bob