MACCCCS - Musky And Crappie Coho Catfish Carp Smallmouth
MACCCCS - Musky And Crappie Coho Catfish Carp Smallmouth


Maccccs Inc. is owned and operated by fishermen trying to come up with solutions for fishermen. After many years on the water we've come across problems that had no solutions. The goal at Maccccs Inc. is to address these problems. The first of many is where to put the nets, especially large ones. Musky fishermen know all about this problem. Maccccs came up with the solution... The NET HOLSTER.

The NET HOLSTER is a patent-pending product, Canadian-tested and engineered to hang outside the boat. It has over 100 adjustable positions to keep the net out of the way. We found that mounting the NET HOLSTER near the driver console and angling it toward the windshield is a one great location. It's been tested at speeds up to 30 mph, which was test boat's top speed. The NET HOLSTER held the net secure during all tests. It's engineered to hold most nets. The UNIVERSAL CLAMP and TIE DOWN CLAMP enable it to fasten with very little effort. The lower part that holds the net has a release pin allowing it to be removed, so that future products can be added. It's a high-quality, cost-effective solution to the net problem.

Solo Fishing - For those times that you're fishing alone, the NET HOLSTER is a must. It allows you to adjust the NET HOLSTER to hold the net, freeing up both hands to work on the fish while in the water for a successful release.

We're a small company that needs your support, so please order a NET HOLSTER so we can continue on our problem solving mission.

God Bless and thank you,
Jack McCallum, Founder